How to Enroll in FACTS Tuition Management

  1. For those who are paying their tuition in full, and therefore, not participating in the FACTS program, upfront and full payment of tuition is due no later than August 1 prior to the start of school.  If you use our after care services, all billing is done through FACTS, you cannot pay by check.
  2. FACTS enrollment deadline for those not paying in full is June 1 prior to the start of school.
  3. You may enroll online to pay by savings account, checking account or credit card via the FACTS website: click here.
  4. The payments dates are the 5th or 20th of the month – parents’ choice. Ten monthly payments begin in July and go through April. The FACTS fee is $38 for 10 payments. Another option is to make two equal payments, one in August and another in January. FACTS charges $10 for this option.
  5. “Payment Terms,” (your tuition amount) will be filled in by the school office.
  6. If you have questions, please call Tara Irons at 703-378-6932 x202 or email at