Altar Servers

The ministry of Altar Server is to assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and at other liturgies and services (weddings,  funerals, benediction, Stations of the Cross, etc.).   We welcome boys in the 4th grade and older.   The server develops a deeper understanding of the sacrifices of the Mass and the importance of piety to the Blessed Sacrament.  It is an honor and privilege to enter the sanctuary and serve with dignity and reverence in this way.   Many young men continue to serve into adulthood and some can use this as a step before becoming a seminarian and eventually, should God will it, a priest or deacon.

The Commitment:

♦ To serve as scheduled or find a replacement – this can be easily done by logging into the website. – “No Shows” disrespect the Liturgy.
♦ Dress properly (i.e. no casual shoes, socks, dress – preferably dark -slacks/trousers)
♦ Arrive 15 minutes early.
♦ Encourage and assist other servers as needed.
♦ Set an example for the entire congregation by participating in the prayers and worship of God.
♦ Hang up cassock and surplice according to size at the conclusion of the liturgy.

Considering serving?  Here’s a talk Pope Francis gave especially to Altar servers:


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