School Counseling Program

Professional School Counselor:  Mrs. Beth Henry, MS Pastoral Counseling, NCC


In the St. Timothy School Counseling Program, we believe:

  • All students are capable of achievement.
  • Access to a comprehensive school counseling program allows students to have their social, emotional, and academic needs met at their developmental level.
  • School counselors play a vital role in advocating for a safe, nurturing, and dynamic learning environment for all students, not just those with identified emotional or academic needs.
  • School counselors, in collaboration with parents and teachers, develop and implement strategies and interventions that address the individual needs of each child.
  • Data-driven decision making is an integral component of effectively meeting the needs of our stakeholders.
  • It is incumbent upon professional school counselors to both understand and consistently use the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counseling to guide our practice and decision making.

Our Vision

Saint Timothy Catholic School students will become independent learners, critical thinkers, and compassionate citizens who embody their Catholic faith. Through access to a challenging, differentiated curriculum and a comprehensive school counseling program, our students are prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Our Mission

St. Timothy Catholic School Counseling Program’s mission is to assist students with their academic and social/emotional needs, explore their future aspirations, promote their spiritual growth, and encourage service to others with an individualized, child-centered approach that is rooted in the Catholic faith and honors the dignity of each child. The program’s services focus on students’ strengths and abilities and are designed to remove the barriers to academic achievement and promote student success.

How can the counselor help your child?

 The counselor can help your child with academic, social, or emotional concerns in a variety of ways.  I can meet with your child for a brief, individual meeting during the school day. To meet with me, students can self-refer or be referred by parents or teachers. During our meetings we will focus on identifying your child’s strengths and practicing coping skills for the given situation. Students can come to speak with me about any number of concerns. I am here to help you and your children with normal, developmental issues like changing friendships, feelings of stress or worry, or adjusting to a new grade. I am also here to help with difficult life transitions, like divorce or the loss of a loved one.

In addition, I meet with groups of students in a structured program that requires parental permission and focuses on learning specific skills like effective study techniques, stress management, or anti-bullying strategies. These group sessions are held twice a year and run for 7 weeks at a time.

I can also meet with parents, consult with other professionals (with parental permission) and provide parents with referrals and resource information to ensure the success of each child. We will work as a team to develop and implement strategies to address the individual needs of your child.


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