K-8 Registration

K-8 Registration

Currently accepting 2013- 2014 applications in the school office for classes that have openings.
Please check with registrar on available openings.

Open House/Registration Schedule 2013-14:
Wed., Nov. 20, 2013 (7-8:30p.m.) Open House for prospective parents (adult evening)
Every Wednesday (9:30 a.m. & 12:00 p.m.) School Tours
Wed., January 29, 2014(7-8:30pm) Open House for prospective families

After Feb 4th: rolling admission – applications accepted on a continual basis

Please Bring the Following to Registration:
(applications will not be processed until all documents are received)

-$350 per child Fee with a $700 family maximum (non-refundable) *
(fee includes $150 registration per child, remainder will be applied to tuition)
-Original birth certificate (copy will be made)
-Copy of Baptismal Certificate
-Teacher Narratives (kinder., 1st grade, 2-8 grades)
-Current Report Card & 2 previous (if available)
-Current Standardized Test & 2 previous (if available)
-Copy of Custody Decree (where applicable)
-Copy of Parish Contribution Envelope or Account No.

* When a student applies for the first time, all fees are non-refundable with one exception. If we do not accept the student for some reason or do not have room, we will return the portion of the fee that would fall into prepaid tuition. If a current student is re-registered, all registration fees are non-refundable.

Upon Acceptance:
Due 2 weeks after acceptance letter:
-Bus registration, if applicable (more info)
-Bus registration fee, if applicable
-After School Care Letter of Intent, if applicable

Please consider submitting your Virtus Paperwork upon acceptance.  The process for clearance can take up to 8 weeks and you will not be allowed to volunteer without Virtus.

FACTS registration is due by June 1st, or payment in full must be made by July 1.