Morning Carpool

Parent volunteers with a cheerful face are needed to greet our children each morning and assist them in getting out of their cars and car seats from 7:55 until 8:20. A quick and easy way to make a big difference during a time you are already at school. The more volunteers we have, the quicker the carpool line will move for everyone! Please contact Maureen Armstrong or stop by the carpool line one morning to volunteer. Completion of Virtus requirements necessary.

Afternoon Carpool

Please be mindful of the St. Timothy School Carpool Rules. They are in place for your safety and the safety of all the children. – No one may pick up a student for early dismissal after 2:55 pm.
– Everyone must get in the carpool line.
– Turn off your engines when you pull forward and are waiting for the children to be instructed to go to the car.
– Never walk through moving traffic.
– Avoid talking on your cell phone whule moving in the carpool line.
– Please check the handbook for a complete listing of carpool rules.

Thank you for your cooperation. St. Timothy School Adminsitration and Staff.