NJHS Service Hours Guidelines

 Guidelines for Service Hours

  • Students are required to complete a total of 25 service hours beginning from the time of their induction, throughout their 8th grade school year.  
  • Service Hours are those which are done for or on behalf of others (not including family members) for which no compensation has been given.  
  • Service Hours must be varied. You may not acquire all required hours doing one act of service.  
  • A minimum of 5 of the 25 hours must be completed for Saint Timothy Catholic School or Parish.

Due Dates

September 5th- 5 hours due
January 15th- 10 hours due
June 1st- 10 hours due


At your Induction, you service to our country, church, school, and community.  In the routine of the day’s work, many opportunities arise to help others.  Those who serve others are repaid with a feeling of good which comes from within.  Being committed to service means having a willingness to work for the benefit of those in need, without monetary compensation or recognition.  It is what our Lord taught us when he washed the feet of the apostles and said, “As I do, so should you do”.

It shall be my earnest purpose to give unsparingly of my time and energy toward the promotion of all school activities.