Volunteer OverviewParents are encouraged to be as involved in Saint Timothy Catholic School as possible. By volunteering, parents help build community while providing valuable services to Saint Timothy Catholic School. The talents, services, and generosity which families generate on behalf of the school benefit both students and the school community as a whole.  Our volunteers are absolutely necessary to maintain and expand many of the academic and extracurricular services offered by STS for our children.

Operations during COVID-19: This year, volunteering will look a little different.  Although we must limit the number of visitors on campus, there are still several ways that families can dedicate their time and talents to support our school. Throughout the school year, the Room Parents will be sharing new and creative ways to support the students, teachers, and school in socially distant or virtual ways.

VIRTUS Clearance:  The safety of our students is our utmost priority- please read more about ways to protect children here.  In order to create a safe environment for all our students, Saint Timothy Catholic School requires that all volunteers who come in contact with students go through the VIRTUS child safety training course, as well as a background check.  In an effort to streamline the background check application process, the Office of Child Protection is now offering the application online, which can be accessed and signed electronically. Once you have completed the application process and have your CPS Form notarized, please notify Mrs. Kathy Moses to schedule an appointment.  Please refer to this checklist to guide the process.

The VIRTUS Course “Protecting God’s Children” is mandatory for all parent volunteers and will be offered at various dates and locations.  You may check for availability on the VIRTUS website by selecting the Arlington Diocese.

Please note that requirements for Child Protection Compliance include both the Virtus course and online application.

Parent Volunteers

In order to volunteer, all parents need to be compliant with the Diocese’s “Protecting God’s Children” program requirements. No adult will be allowed into the school to interact with children in the classroom, cafeteria, playground, field trips, field day, coaching, special classes, Colonial Day/Medieval Day, etc. who has not met these deadlines. All adults must complete the online application and complete the four hour VIRTUS course.  Saint Timothy School maintains a list of compliant parents who will be granted admittance to volunteer.


Please note that a $35 processing fee will be due at the time of appointment with Mrs. Kathy Moses.  Please make checks payable to St. Timothy Catholic

School Volunteer Opportunities

  • Lunch and Recess Volunteer
  • Lions Club Screening Volunteer
  • Science Fair Judge
  • Field Day Volunteer
  • CYO Coaching


  • Committee Chairs
  • Bingo Night Volunteer
  • Auction Volunteer
  • Baking/Hospitality Volunteer
  • Graduation Volunteer (Kindergarten and 8th grade)
  • Tiger Closet Volunteer
  • Teacher Appreciation Week opportunities
  • Car Raffle


  • Field Trip chaperone (max 3 hours credit per trip)
  • Auction Basket coordinator
  • Junior Achievement Instructor
  • Room Mom
  • Classroom Specials volunteer (one hour credit per special)


  • International Festival volunteer (max 6 hours credit)
  • Craft Fair (max 6 hours credit)
  • VBS (max 6 hours credit)

We recognize that Saint Timothy Catholic School could not be as successful without the wonderful support of our Parent Volunteers, and that many families contribute well over the requested 12 service hours.  We are extremely grateful for all of the contributions of our school families.