Preschool Faculty

Mrs. Evans
Preschool Director
Mrs. Evans is proud to be a part of our vibrant, Catholic learning community. She loves that faith is woven into all aspects of our day and that our community recognizes the God-given potential of all of our learners at Saint Timothy Catholic School. Preschoolers hold a special place in her heart because of their excitement in discovery, their pure emotion, and their energy. She views her role of Preschool Director as one of supporting children, parents, and teachers so that they may be at their best each day.
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Mrs. Julie Evans, M.Ed.
Preschool Director
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Mrs. Cary Lander
Preschool 3 Bunnies
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Mrs. Rebecca Clark, M.Ed.
Preschool 3 Owls
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Mrs. Marcie Lloyd
Preschool 4 Fish
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Mrs. Denise Saldaña
Preschool 4 Frogs
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Mrs. Susan Wozniak
Preschool 4 Birds
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Mrs. Alison Shields
Preschool 4 Bunnies Assistant
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Mrs. Carmen Caballero
Preschool 3 Owls Assistant
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Mrs. Melissa George
Preschool 3 Fish Assistant
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Sister Jacinta Nanzing
Preschool 4 Frogs Assistant
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Mrs. Mariam Ragheb
Preschool 4 Birds Assistant
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Mrs. Dianeta Myles
Floating Assistant
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