Mr. Charles McGarr

Mrs. Carrie Ladowicz

Mrs. Pat Cowan


Wk 21 Christina - SmartbaordTechnologies are having greater influences on our daily lives – at home, at school, and at work. Whether utilizing applications for word processing, spreadsheets, telecommunications, e-mail, or multimedia presentations, students in the 21st century must acquire the technological skills for tomorrow while meeting the needs of today.

The technology curriculum at St. Timothy Catholic School has been designed for the development of skills over a period of time. These skills will become the building blocks with which our students will meet the challenges of their personal and professional lives. In order to become technologically proficient, the students will develop these skills through integrated activities incorporated throughout the curriculum areas.

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade attend classes weekly in the computer lab; computer electives are offered for sixth through eighth grades quarterly. The use of technology at St. Timothy, enhances classroom instruction through the use of ActivBoards which afford students the opportunity for hands-on use of cutting-edge technology. Our students are encouraged to harness their power of technology through integrated projects and/or assignments.