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For more than 30 years, St. Timothy Catholic school has been dedicated to educating students, from preschool through eighth-grade. Upholding a tradition of educational excellence, St. Timothy possesses a strong, innovative curriculum and a faculty passionate about their work. We aim to foster the growth of our students—tomorrow’s leaders—in mind, body, and spirit.


Principal’s Page

Dear Parents,

ST0226Each year, with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit, our school community embraces a scriptural theme that provides a framework for our school’s faith based activities and formation efforts throughout the school year. Theme this year is “Ask and it will be given you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you”. You will be hearing more about the theme throughout the year.

Saint Timothy Catholic School has made significant progress this past year, but we will be raising our expectations even higher this coming school year. We will continue to take the necessary steps to provide our students with a safe, supportive learning environment and a rigorous curriculum rich in Catholic tradition and grounded in academic excellence.  We appreciate your strong participation in the Enrollment Management Survey distributed to the STS community in June. Many of our strategic school improvement efforts for this coming school year are focused specifically on enhancing the strengths, and addressing the weaknesses and opportunity areas identified in the survey responses. To that end, we will be implementing specific strategic initiatives to:

  • Enhance our Science, Language Arts and Math curriculum.
  •  Increase the quality and quantity of our parent communications.
  •  Partner again with GMU to focus our teacher professional development efforts on improving student learning and tracking / communicating student performance data.
  •  Expand our advanced academic program, to include Language Arts.
  •  Pursue grants to support additional instructional initiatives and investments.
  •  Defining a clearer, more transparent, middle school math track (starting in 5th grade).
  •  Attracting, hiring, training and retaining high quality teachers; especially in the identified opportunity areas.
  • Middle School recess will be added back to the school schedule.
  •  Enhance our school safety and emergency response efforts.
  •  Expand STEM programs to expose children to 21st Century skills (Robotics and Math Competitions, extracurricular programs, STS business partner sessions)

A special note of thanks to our Enrollment Management Committee members for their tireless efforts in drafting a comprehensive survey, compiling the results and crafting a detailed response. We greatly appreciate their commitment to our school.  Student safety is also a priority; subsequently we are taking steps to improve the visitor vetting process, provide better campus-wide surveillance capabilities (internal and external) and introduce new student and parent security awareness sessions. It’s also important that you have detailed information on our newest faculty members, administrators and support staff, so we have prepared profiles on each of our new teachers, assistant principal and support staff.

Please note that during this coming school year, STS will start a year-long re-accreditation process that includes a 12 month self-study program, culminating in week-long evaluation visit. Subsequently, we have added additional half days to our school schedule this year, to accommodate the additional collaboration time needed to complete the self-study process. We will be providing additional information on this process throughout the school year.

Thank you again for your continued support of our school, we greatly appreciate it.

God Bless you,

Important Happenings at STS!


  STS achieves National X-STEM Certification! Click the paw now to view the press release!
  Every day at Saint Timothy children are soaring to new heights thanks in part to the efforts of our dedicated teachers and the leadership of our Dean of Academics, Mrs. Rutledge! Click the paw to see the creative and fun things going on in the STS classrooms check-out the new monthly publication “Academic News.”  
  The STS Technology Committee is developing a prioritized list of items that the school community is in need of. Please help us find corporate partners to procure these items! Click the paw to view the wish list.
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