Families are invited to contribute their time and talents to enhance the experiences of our students at Saint Timothy Catholic School. Throughout the school year, there are a variety of opportunities to volunteer in a Specials class, plan a class party, or prepare an enrichment activity from home. Volunteer opportunities are posted regularly through the Connect1 App.

The safety of our students is our highest priority- please read more about ways to protect children by clicking here. In order to create a safe environment for our students, Saint Timothy Catholic School requires that all volunteers who come in contact with students complete the VIRTUS child safety training course, consent to a background check and agree to the parent volunteer expectations listed below. In an effort to streamline the background check process, the Office of Child Protection is now offering an online application, which can be accessed and signed electronically. Once submitted, Mrs. Kathy Moses will receive an email to review the application. When the application is approved, Mrs. Moses will send an email to schedule an appointment. Your CPS form will be provided to you at this appointment and is to be signed in Mrs. Moses’ presence. Please note that a $55 processing fee will be charged through FACTS to cover the cost of the background check.

The VIRTUS Child Safety course, “Protecting God’s Children”, is mandatory for all volunteers who enter the campus and interact directly with children. The course is offered at various locations and times. Once your application is approved by Mrs. Moses, you will receive an email titled Safe Environment Training with a link to register for a VIRTUS class. You will register using the same username and password as your background check application. You have 45 days to register and attend a class.

Before visiting Saint Timothy Catholic School to volunteer, please be sure that you have completed the VIRTUS Course, agreed to the volunteer expectations through the Handbook Agreement form, obtained a background check and signed a CPS Form during your appointment with Mrs. Kathy Moses to be added to our list of compliant volunteers. Please also note that children are not able to join parents while they volunteer unless specified in the Connect1 app. K-8 families are requested to complete 12 volunteer hours each school year and preschool only families are requested to complete 6. Serving as a PTO chair or room parent fulfills the 12 hour requirement. We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!