Middle School

8 specialized core subject teachers

1:1 student Chromebooks

15+ elective enrichment classes

Weekly Adoration

Advisory service groups

Saint Timothy
Middle School

Our middle school program includes grades five and six learning from specialized subject educators. Students receive instruction in 6 core subjects: English, Math, Religion, Social Studies, Science, and Spanish. They also participate in Specials classes including PE, Art, STEM, and Library. They end each school day with an elective class. These enrichment classes last six weeks and allow students to pursue areas of interest. Popular electives include Cooking, 3D Printing, Outdoor Recreation, and Anatomy. 

Each week, Middle School students attend Mass, visit the chapel for Adoration, and meet with their advisory small group.

Meet the 5/6 Team

Kathy Hunter
5A / Religion
(703) 378-9408 ext. 220
Erin Dwyer Sears
5B / Math/Science
(703) 378-9408 ext. 208
Kelsey Keeler
5C / Math
(703) 378-9408 ext. 362
Jason Oiler
6A / Social Studies
(703) 378-9408 ext. 208
Hailey Mulville, M.A.
6B / ELA
(703) 378-9408 ext. 222
Nikki Testani
6C / Science
(703) 378-9408 ext. 212
Isabella del Hierro
5-8 Spanish
(703) 378-9408 ext. 238