Welcome to the clinic! You can find Mrs. Rogowski or Mrs. Merrifield in the clinic each day, helping students feel better. Both Mrs. Rogowski and Mrs. Merrifield are registered nurses, and are trained in first aid and medication administration. They have a heart for children and they strive to keep our school happy, healthy, and holy.

(703) 378-9408 ext. 200


If your child requires a medication that is unable to be administered at home, please print and submit the appropriate medication form to the clinic. Each medication requires a separate form and all medications must be in the original container with the following information: student’s name, license prescriber’s name, medication name, medication dosage, administration frequency instructions, and the prescription fill/expiration dates. Medication of any kind is not permitted in the classrooms and must be stored in the clinic for student use. At the end of each school year, parents and guardians are invited to pick up any remaining medication. Any medication not picked up by a guardian will be disposed of. 

School Absences

If your child will be absent from school due to an illness, please notify our team using School Dismissal Manager. We look forward to welcoming our students back to school when they are healthy and ready to learn!

Vaccination Requirements

In accordance with the Virginia Department of Health, all families are required to provide documentary proof of immunization to the Saint Timothy Health Clinic. Vaccines must be administered in compliance with the Center for Disease Control spacing and age requirements. These requirements include: 

    • A second dose of Varicella vaccine before entering Kindergarten
    • A second dose of Mumps vaccine before entering Kindergarten
    • Four doses of Polio vaccine, with one dose being administered on or after the fourth birthday for all new students (K-8)
    • Four doses of DTaP vaccine, with one dose being administered on or after the fourth birthday for all new students (K-8)

Medical forms on file can be printed for parents and guardians by our nursing staff for a $10 fee.