Allergy Awareness and Safety

Allergy Awareness

STS Preschool is a tree nut and peanut-free preschool. Students bring snacks and lunches from home to help ensure student safety.  Birthdays are celebrated with dress out days rather than treats.  Your child’s teacher will also make sure to make him or her feel special!

Doctors, parents, teachers, and students work together to implement an allergy plan to guide safety at school. Our school nurses, Mrs. Rogowski and Mrs. Duffy, will review your child’s allergy plan with you and hold life-saving medicine. They are happy to answer any further questions you have as well. Please contact them at



Our Child Protection Plan helps to ensure that everyone within the building is partnering to keep kids safe.  Before entering a classroom every person must take a class on keeping kids safe (VIRTUS) and clear a background check.  Preschoolers use tote bags to identify them as our youngest learners within the school.  Security cameras, locked doors, and visitor badges also enhance school safety.