Volunteering Opportunities

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Volunteer OverviewParents are encouraged to be as involved in Saint Timothy Catholic School as possible. By volunteering, parents help build community while providing valuable services to Saint Timothy Catholic School. The talents, services, and generosity which families generate on behalf of the school benefit both students and the school community as a whole.  Our volunteers are absolutely necessary to maintain and expand many of the academic and extracurricular services offered by STS for our children.

VIRTUS ClearancePLEASE NOTE:  CHANGES ARE COMING.  PLEASE DOWNLOAD THESE FORMS ONLY IF YOU CAN COMPLETE THEM AND MEET WITH MRS. MOSES BY 7/15.  In order to create a safe environment for all our students Saint Timothy Catholic School requires that all volunteers who come in contact with students go through the VIRTUS child safety training course as well as a background check.  To learn more about going through the VIRTUSProgam and completing the paperwork please access the VIRTUS link and then email Mrs. Kathy Moses (kmoses@sainttimothyschool.org).

Family Commitment:  Each family is required to contribute towards their Volunteer Hours requirement of 12 hours per year OR “opt out” by purchasing their hours for $25 per hour for a total of $300.  For those families who only have a child in the preschool program, the requirement is 6 total volunteer hours per year ($150).  Please note that getting your VIRTUS clearance will count towards your first service hour.  All Volunteer hours earned must be reported by June 1st, 2018, and can be logged on your family’s Track it Forward account.

If no prior arrangements are made with the school and your volunteer hours are not fulfilled, you must pay the equivalent of your remaining hours before the last day of school or it will be added to your FACTS account.

Volunteering on School Grounds: A parent volunteering on the school campus is required to stop by the school office to sign in.  A driver’s license will be required at check in and all volunteers must wear the volunteer badge while on school grounds.  After you have completed your volunteer service for the day, please return to the office to sign-out.  Signing in to the school office will NOT record your service hours performed so please make sure you record them on Track it Forward. 

Volunteer Opportunities:  There are four types of volunteer opportunities available at Saint Timothy Catholic School: School, PTO, Classroom, and Parish activities. Unless otherwise specified all activities are worth the equivalent to hours served (ie: work from 8am-10am and receive 2 volunteer hours).  There are also many volunteer positions that are worth half or more of the required total hours(ex: Room Moms and Committee Chairs). School, PTO, and Parish events are posted on the Track it Forward Event Sign Up Page .

New opportunities are advertised in Tuesday Tidbits and on the STS parent Facebook page.  Classroom volunteer opportunities will be provided by each classroom’s Room Mother.  The following is a sample list of activities in all categories – by no means is this an exhaustive list but is meant to give you an idea of what types of activities exist in each category.

School Volunteer Opportunities

  • Lunch and Recess Volunteer
  • Morning Carpool Volunteer
  • Lions Club Screening Volunteer
  • Science Fair Judge
  • Field Day Volunteer
  • CYO Coaching


  • Committee Chairs
  • Bingo Night Volunteer
  • Auction Volunteer
  • Baking/Hospitality Volunteer
  • Graduation Volunteer (Kindergarten and 8th grade)
  • Tiger Closet Volunteer
  • Teacher Appreciation Week opportunities
  • Car Raffle


  • Field Trip chaperone (max 3 hours credit per trip)
  • Auction Basket coordinator
  • Junior Achievement Instructor
  • Room Mom
  • Classroom Specials volunteer (one hour credit per special)


  • International Festival volunteer (max 6 hours credit)
  • Craft Fair (max 6 hours credit)
  • VBS (max 6 hours credit)


We recognize that Saint Timothy School could not be as successful without the wonderful support of our Parent Volunteers, and that many families contribute well over the requested 12 service hours.  We are extremely grateful for all of the contributions of our school families.  If you have any questions about Volunteer Hours please contact stsvolunteer@sttimothyparish.org.


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