Preschool Faculty

Julie Evans, M.A.
Preschool Director
Cary Lander
Preschool 3 Bunnies
Rebecca Clark, M.Ed.
Preschool 3 Owls
Therese Ghyzel
Preschool 4 AM/PM Fish
Denise Saldana
Preschool 4 Frogs
Susan Wozniak
Preschool 4 Birds
Melissa George, M.Ed.
Fish Assistant
Danielle Scire
Owls Assistant
Sister Jacinta
Frogs Assistant
Dianeta Myles
Birds Assistant

Preschool students have enrichment classes with our elementary teachers!  Depending on the class chosen, students participate in Library, Spanish, Music and Movement, Lab Learner Science and monthly lessons with our priests.