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1168Mrs. Julie Evans
Preschool Director:

Mrs. Cary Lander:
Assistant: Mrs. Cheryl Pezzullo
Bunnies, Tues/ Thurs 3 year old classes

Mrs Rebecca Clark:
Assistant: Melissa George
Owls, Full Day 3 year old class

Mrs. Sadie McCurry:
Assistant: Mrs. Cheryl Pezzullo
Birds, M/W/F 4 year old am and pm classes

Mrs. Therese Ghyzel:
Assistant: Mrs. Dianeta Myles
Fish, Full Day 4 year class

Ms. Sarah Peterson:
Assistant: Sr. Jacinta
Frogs, Full Day 4 year class (Room 4)

Mrs. Tania Dee:
Spanish Instructor

Mrs. Jennie Salinas:
Music Instructor

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