About NJHS

National Junior Honor Society

The Anne P. Clark Chapter of NJHS was established in 1994. Membership is bestowed upon 7th grade students who excel in the areas of scholarship, leadership, character, citizenship, and service. Selection of new members is based on the following NJHS guidelines:

  • Academically eligible students are identified and notified in writing. This refers to students with an average of 90 or above in each of their classes. An eligible student must not have more than one NI (needs improvement) on the left side of their report card. If there is one NI it must not have occurred after the first quarter and it must show subsequent improvement.
  • Eligible students pick up a Student Activity Information Form from the school office and respond in writing to the questions regarding their school and extra-curricular activities, service, and character.
  • A five member faculty council, appointed by the principal (but not including the principal) evaluates each candidate‚Äôs information along with input from other faculty members. The Honor society Advisor is an ex-officio, non-voting member of the faculty council. The faculty council may use the left side of the report card in assessing the criteria of character.
  • Candidates will be notified in writing of acceptance into the NJHS. A special ceremony will be held to formally induct the new members. Members will maintain all standards by which there were selected.
  • Members who do not maintain the 90 cumulative average will be informed in writing at the close of each quarter. Members will have a probationary period of one quarter to raise their cumulative average to a 90.