Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Hanna, KA

I love teaching Kindergarten because it gives me an opportunity to foster the unique gifts in each student while supporting their academic, spiritual, and emotional growth.”

Mrs. Arlinda Hanna

Ms. Monaghan, KB

A classroom should be a safe, caring community where children are free to speak their mind and blossom and grow through exploration and real-life experiences.”

Ms. Kathleen Monaghan

Mrs. Marshall, KC

The end of all education should be service to others. My teaching philosophy revolves around this quote. I am a teacher who motivates students to be caring individuals.”

Mrs. Kristen Marshall


Kindergarten is a very exciting and fun year! St. Timothy School follows the curriculum of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Curriculum guidelines are available on the Office of Catholic Schools’ website. Specials subjects (Spanish, PE, Technology, Music, Library and Art) are taught by teachers specializing in those subject areas.

Early literacy earning objectives for Kindergarten include rhyming, letter identification and formation, and phonics. Teachers utilize small group instruction to individualize guided reading.  Early literacy skills are supported both at school and home through the Words Their Way Phonics and Reading A-Z programs.

In Math, concepts relating to numeracy, patterns, geometric shapes, and sorting are explored.  Children are introduced to basic principles of addition and subtraction.  Each class celebrates the 100th Day of school in a special way!

Kindergarteners learn about Jesus and the saints in Religion. They are invited to participate in prayers and attend Mass with the whole school each week and Holy Days. Kindergarteners assume the special role of the angels in the school’s Christmas concert.

Students participate in hands-on Science projects in the classroom and learn about the holidays and our country in Social Studies.