Kindergarten Team

Mrs. Hanna, KA

I love teaching Kindergarten because it gives me an opportunity to foster the unique gifts in each student while supporting their academic, spiritual, and emotional growth.”

Mrs. Arlinda Hanna

Mrs. Prestera, KB

A classroom should be a safe, caring community where children are free to speak their mind and blossom and grow through exploration and real-life experiences.”

Ms. Kathleen Monaghan

Mrs. Marshall, KC

The end of all education should be service to others. My teaching philosophy revolves around this quote. I am a teacher who motivates students to be caring individuals.”

Mrs. Kristen Marshall


Kindergarten is a hallmark year as students begin their educational journey! Saint Timothy Catholic School Kindergarteners develop socially, academically, and spiritually under the care of the dedicated teaching team. Their school experience is enriched by attending Specials class, such as PE, STEM, music, library, and art.

Early literacy learning objectives for Kindergarten include rhyming, letter identification and formation, and phonics. Teachers utilize small group instruction to individualize guided reading and promote phonics skills through the Words Their Way program. Students are formally assessed throughout the year to determine their reading level. This allows teachers and parents to find books that build confidence or challenge early readers.

In math, concepts relating to number sense, patterns, geometric shapes, and sorting are explored.  The Guided Math curriculum allows for hands-on, tactile, and collaborative activities through the use of manipulatives. Children are introduced to basic principles of addition and subtraction in a variety of ways. Toward the end of the year, students are introduced to more complex concepts, like time and money.  Each class celebrates the 100th Day of school in a special way!

The Kindergarten year provides provides a strong foundation of prayer and reverence, which students bring to weekly school Mass and Adoration. Kindergarteners learn about the life of Jesus and the Holy Family, as well as the many saints of the Catholic Church.

The Lablearner Science curriculum offers students a hands-on, bi-weekly experience in our elementary Science Lab. Sensory experiences in the classroom and STEM Lab elevate the science curriculum and allow for celebration of seasons and holidays. Social studies learning objectives are introduced through monthly curricular themes and make learning fun for our youngest learners!