Second Grade Team

Caitlin Benson, M.Ed.
2A Teacher
“I believe that every child can learn and that each child should be given the opportunity to learn at their level so they feel like successful members of our classroom community.”
Michaela Wuest, M.A.
2B Teacher
"I believe leading by example providing an enriching and engaging learning environment for students builds kind, successful, and productive individuals."
Ed Caughlan
2C Teacher
“My teaching philosophy is to educate the students in truth to prepare them to know, love, and serve God in their lives, while emulating the educational example of St. John Bosco.”

Students have the option to bring a packed lunch to school or to order lunch through the STS Cafeteria.  Fourth graders also have the opportunity to enjoy a packed snack in their classrooms during the day. On the Nurse’s Office page, there is a list of the allergies in your student’s classroom that may require special attention to food brought during snacktime.

A weekly folder with important information is sent home on Fridays to be signed by parents and returned.  Students also receive a planner to help them organize upcoming events and assignments.  The best way to reach Ms. Benson, Mrs. Holt and Mr. Caughlan is through email, by phone, or through a scheduled conference.  Classrooom news and announcements are posted on their teacher pages.

Methods of school-wide communication include Friday Update emails, Teacher Page updates, and our Principal’s Tuesday Tidbit emails.  Emergency and last minute announcements may occur via our school messaging system which allows school-wide announcements from the principal via email and phone call. Please ensure that your contacts are up to date to receive these notifications!

St. Timothy School follows the curriculum of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington. Curriculum guidelines are available on the Office of Catholic Schools’ website.