Third Grade Team

Mrs. Caimano, 3A

My philosophy of teaching can be summarized in these words of Saint Padre Pio of Pietrelcina: Pray, hope and don’t worry.”

Mrs. Delaney Caimano

Ms. Buonocore, 3B

I believe that every child deserves a comfortable, fun, and safe learning environment and that every child can be successful.”

Ms. Gabrielle Buonocore

Ms. Wilkinson, 3C

I strive to create a community where students feel safe, supported and empowered to grow and find their voice both in and out of the classroom."

Ms. Kate Wilkinson


Third grade is an exciting year as we expand our reading skills and enjoy many different genres of books. Students read chapter books from the class and school library, novel units, basal text, a variety of fiction and non-fiction magazines and they will participate in Reading A-Z on our computer. We will study the United States in Social Studies and will have the opportunity to play state games, find out about our national parks and monuments and perform an exciting show about our “Fifty Nifty United States.” Students will research topics of their choice in both Social Studies and Science. They will spend time using the writing process to write reports and original stories and poems. Lots of new Math concepts are explored in third-grade, especially multiplication and division. Students will participate in Math Superstars and will have fun with math games to sharpen those important skills. Religion is our most important subject, because we are a Faith Community here at St. Timothy. Students will learn more about sacred liturgy, the sacraments and the saints of the Americas. Our Virtues program emphasizes respect and compassion. We build community through prayer, singing, games and class meetings. Our class patron this year is Our Lady of Lourdes.