St. Timothy School utilizes a middle school model for grade 6-8, preparing the students for the types of courses and academic challenges they will face in high school. Students get the opportunity to take control of their courses while fulfilling all required coursework. This model also allows students to work cooperatively in advisories.

Each grade level has two homerooms within a departmentalized system. Middle school teachers each have a curriculum area of concentration within the core subjects: Math, Science, Social Studies, English, Literature and Spanish, allowing students to learn from specialists in a particular field of study.

Differentiated instruction is critical to student achievement.  In mathematics, a variety of courses are offered to ensure that students are being appropriately challenged.  These include Math 6, Accelerated Math 6, Math 7, Math 8, Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry.  Students also have the opportunity to choose from a list of electives, such  as Robotics, Coding, History of Rock and Roll, World Languages, Knitting, Tiger Times Newspaper Publication and Athletic Adventures.

Informational Links

Kevin Wuest, M.S.
7A / Math
(703) 378-9408 ext. 246
Dave Scoffone, M.Ed.
7B / Religion
(703) 378-9408 ext. 249
Maria Bursch, M.S.
7C / 6/7 Science
(703) 378-9408 ext. 223
Elizabeth Vanderhoof, M.A.
(703) 378-9408 ext. 238
Kara Murad, M.S.
8B / ELA Social Studies
(703) 378-9408 ext. 248
Nikki Testani, DPM
8th Science
(703) 378-9408 ext. 212
Kim Nguyen, M.Ed.
(703) 378-9408 ext. 312
Alicia Aramayo
5-8 Spanish
(703) 378-9408 ext. 208