NJHS Constitution and Bylaws







Section 1
The name of this chapter shall be the Anne Clark Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society of Saint Timothy Catholic School.

Section 2
The purpose of this chapter shall be to create an enthusiasm for superior scholarship, to promote leadership, to develop citizenship, to instill exemplary qualities of character, and to encourage a desire to serve. 



Section 1

Membership is an honor bestowed upon a student.  The selection of members to this chapter shall be by a faculty council.  Membership in this chapter shall be based on outstanding scholarship, leadership, character, citizenship, and service.  Once selected, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities.

Section 2   

  1. Academic Eligibility:  To be eligible for membership in the Anne Clark Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, the candidate must be a seventh grade student, and have been in attendance at this school for at least one trimester, or have transferred to this school already holding a membership from his/her prior school.  The minimum academic requirement for eligibility for membership shall be determined at the close of the second trimester of the student’s seventh grade year.  This refers to students with a 90% or above in each class. Trimester grades are not rounded; therefore, an 89.9% will not be eligible.
  2. Behavior Eligibility:  In addition to the academic requirements, members may not have earned a grade in Personal Development, Study Habits, special subjects, or effort below a ‘2’ during the first two trimesters of seventh grade.

Section 3  

After students are identified for academic and behavior eligibility, they will be notified in writing, and the application process will begin.
A. Students’ report card information will be reviewed.
B. Students who are eligible scholastically (candidates) shall be notified and asked to complete and submit the “Student Information Packet” for further consideration for selection.
C. The faculty council shall be requested to evaluate candidates determined to be scholastically eligible using the official evaluation form provided by the chapter adviser(s).
D. The faculty council shall review the “Student Information Packet” and faculty evaluations in order to determine membership. 


Section 4

A. The Qualities Of Membership:  In order to become a member of the Anne Clark Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society, students must exhibit the following:


Students must be in a leadership role or exhibit leadership qualities in at least two different organizations in 6th or 7th grades. Good examples can be found in your role in sports, scouting, and other extracurricular activities.  

Character and Citizenship

 Another quality of a member of the NJHS is showing the qualities of Character and Citizenship.  

CHARACTER  includes, but is not limited to, the traits of honesty, fairness, courtesy, tolerance and cooperation.  

CITIZENSHIP is a concept of participation concerning your attitude in regards to freedom, justice, patriotism, and respect for fellow human beings.  Even one referral to an administrator or a ‘1’ on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE report card, demonstrating a lack of these qualities, could be enough not to offer membership. 

Article III

Maintaining Membership 

Section 1
At the end of each trimester, any member who falls below the following standards used as the basis for his/her election to the Society shall be warned in writing and placed on probation.  If, during the next trimester, the member fails to meet these standards, the faculty council shall decide if membership will be rescinded or not.  A majority vote by the faculty council shall be necessary for dismissal. Once a member has been dismissed, he/she is never again eligible for membership in the National Junior Honor Society.  When a member is dismissed, he/she shall be notified in writing. 

 Section 2


Members who do not maintain the 90% cumulative average will be informed in writing at the interim point and the close of each trimester.  Members will have a probationary period of one trimester to raise their grades to 90% or higher.

Section 3


The Faculty Council may use the Personal  Development and Study Habits sections of the report card in assessing the criteria of character.  With the exception of the “Participation in Class” category, a member must not have a ‘1’ in any category. Even one referral to an administrator or a ‘1’ on the right side of the report card, demonstrating a lack of character/citizenship, could be enough to recommend a review before the faculty council.  The principal will communicate such instances to the chapter advisor(s).

In addition, the membership of a student will be reviewed by the Faculty Council if there is a violation of the St. Timothy Honor Code.  For further information about the Honor Code, please refer to the St. Timothy School Elementary Parent/Student Handbook, Section VII. Student Responsibilities & Behavior. 

Section 4


Guidelines for Service Hours

  • Students are required to complete a total of 25 service hours beginning from the time of their induction, throughout their 8th grade school year.  
  • Service Hours are those which are done for or on behalf of others (not including family members) for which no compensation has been given.  
  • Service Hours must be varied. You may not acquire all required hours doing one act of service.  NO ONE ACTIVITY CAN EXCEED EIGHT (8) HOURS OF SERVICE.
  • The Chapter will provide service opportunities; however, members are expected to be actively involved in service activities and seek ways to demonstrate leadership and service.  Related activities (i.e., Girl Scout service projects) count as one activity.
  • A minimum of 5 of the 25 hours must be completed for St. Timothy School or Parish.

Due Dates

September 5th – 5 hours due
January 15th – 10 hours due
June 1st – 10 hours due

The principal and chapter advisor(s) will review hours upon submission.  Failure to complete the required service hours on time will result in a warning.  If the service hours are not completed after a one week period past the due date, membership in the NJHS will be rescinded.


Article IV

Faculty Supervision

Section 1 

The principal shall appoint (a) teacher(s) who will serve as the chapter’s advisor(s), and may serve consecutive terms.  

A. The chapter adviser(s) shall be responsible for the direct, day-to-day supervision of the chapter and act as liaison between faculty, administration, students, and community.
B. The chapter adviser(s) shall regularly review each member for compliance with Society standards and obligations.
C. The chapter adviser(s) shall help the chapter officers understand and carry out their duties.
D. The chapter adviser(s) shall be an ex-officio, nonvoting, sixth member of the Faculty Council. 

Section 2 

The faculty council of five members appointed by the principal will meet for the election or dismissal of members.  In addition, the faculty council will meet to discuss disciplinary action and violations of the St. Timothy Honor Code by any member.

Section 3 

All activities of the chapter shall be subject to approval by the principal.

Article V


 Section 1

 The Executive Committee will be elected at the end of the 7th grade year.  Positions will be voted on by the incoming NJHS body.  Offices include:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian.

Section 2

A. The duties of the President shall include, but are not limited to, presiding at all meetings, informing members of meetings, both for Executive Committee and the General NJHS Membership, and obtaining approval from the administration for events, fundraisers, and other activities.
B. The duties of the Vice President shall include, but are not limited to, presiding at meetings in the absence of the president.
C. The duties of the Secretary shall include, but are not limited to, recording and maintaining the minutes of each meeting, both of Executive Committee and of the General NJHS Membership, and taking attendance at each meeting.
D. The duties of the Treasurer shall include, but are not limited to, collecting and counting monies from fundraisers, and notifying, in writing, the General NJHS Membership an account of monies raised after each event.
E. The duties of the Historian shall include, but are not limited to, keeping a history of the chapter, and taking care of publicity for the chapter. 

Article VI


Section 1

 The Executive Committee will meet the first Wednesday of every month to discuss the details of the agenda for the General Membership meeting to follow.

Section 2 

The General Membership shall meet the second Wednesday of every month. Attendance at all chapter meetings is required.  Failure to attend meetings will be interpreted as disinterest in the activities of the Chapter and may be grounds for dismissal.


These By-Laws will be reviewed annually by the Chapter Members. NOTE: BY-LAWS MUST BE CONSISTENT WITH THE NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY CONSTITUTION AND HANDBOOK. Any recommended change must be approved by the faculty council and the principal. Upon approval of the recommended change, it will be reviewed and put to a vote by the membership. Two-thirds vote will establish a change. Sections dealing with revisions to the procedures for selection, disciplining, and dismissal of members can be changed only by the Faculty Council, though input from the chapter is allowed. 

Adopted: February 14, 2020