NJHS Social Distancing Service Ideas

Social Distancing Service Ideas  

Service may look a little different this summer. 

Rather than using a log to record the typical 5 service hours required over the summer, we are asking you to document your experiences with a photo, video, journal entry, or any other way you wish to share your good deeds.

 These experiences do not have to add up to 5 hours.  It is the quality and effort you put into your service, not the quantity. 

Please note that these ideas are just SUGGESTIONS. 

You are encouraged to find your own ways to do service as the opportunity arises and our restrictions are lifted.  Make sure you document what you did and are able to turn in your service at the start of school (by Sep 5), whatever that may look like come the end of August.

    1. Spread cheer around your neighborhood in a variety of ways.

2. Make masks for health care workers and other essential workers.

3. Encourage your family to support the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry.   Maybe use your own money to contribute!

4. Make cards or write letters to seniors in nursing homes who can’t have visitors. Click here to sign up to adopt a Sunrise Resident.  Write your name in column B next to the resident you “adopt.” You can mail your letters and cards to:

Sunrise at Fair Oaks
Attn: (Name of your Adopted Senior)
3750 Joseph Siewick Dr
Fairfax, VA 22033

5. Call your Grandparents or someone else that may live alone once a week to check in on them.

6. Hugs for Soldiers provides support and encouragement to U.S. soldiers deployed overseas.