STS Café

Cafeteria lunches are not being offered at this time. We hope to begin offering this service when Virginia health and safety protocols allow.


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Nutritious hot and cold lunch offerings are made available to our students each day. Every attempt is made to use fresh and unprocessed (or minimally processed) foods.We require all families to use EZ School Apps to pre-order and pay lunch bills.  Families are able to order lunch prior to 7:00 a.m. on the lunch day.  Lunch menu are posted on EZ School and on our website one week in advance.  Accounts will not be charged until the student is in the lunch line, and if for any reason a student is not at school to receive a meal, the account will not be charged.

Please set up your EZ School App lunch account for your child(ren), if you do not have one. Click here for instructions. Once your account is set up, or if you are a returning account holder, please add funds to your account with a valid credit card (preferred) or check. If paying by check, please send it in an envelope with the pin number noted and send it to the School Kitchen (please allow 48 hours and then check your account balance to ensure it was properly funded).

Students will be notified in the lunch line if they have a negative account. Students with negative balances will still be able to purchase a healthy lunch item and milk, however, they will not be able to purchase other side items.

Daily Lunch Items
Lunch entrée and side (Preschool-4th) $3.00
Lunch entrée and side (5th-8th) $4.00
Entrée salad $4.00
Pizza $1.75 per slice
Water 50¢
Orange Juice 50¢
White or Chocolate Milk 1% 19¢
Additional Lunch Item Options
These are available on specified days.
Fruit 75¢
Granola Bar 75¢
Yogurt 75¢-$1.00
String Cheese 50¢
Cream Cheese 50¢
Fresh Fruit Cup $1.50
Fruit Parfait $1.50
Croissant $2.50
Bagel $2.00
Soup  or Chili $2.50
Side Salad $1.00

Volunteers requested! Cafeteria Duty 10:45am-1:15pm