Principal’s Welcome

——————————————————-August 2020

Dear Saint Timothy Catholic School Families,

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Just five months ago the notice was sent home that we would not be in the school building for the subsequent two weeks. That two week plan quickly shifted to a month and then eventually to the remainder of the school year.  This new way of doing things forced us all into a situation that would challenge our fortitude, our will, and most of all our faith.  I look back at that experience with extraordinary gratitude as it is clear that it was a necessary obstacle for our entire faith community.  Our teachers were able to reinvent how they delivered instruction and how they met the academic and social-emotional needs of your children—all within two days.   As the primary educators of the kids, you all as parents were able to actively collaborate with the classroom teachers and make a full adjustment to your routine at home. 

 In my four year span here at Saint Timothy’s, one thing has never been clearer: every member of this faith community is willing to do what is necessary to ensure that the kids receive what they need.  Let us all reflect carefully and deliberately on that fact as we shift into this new school year.  Difficult meetings and uncomfortable conversations can be an opportunity for growth if we remember that the person with whom we are having a dialogue wants what is best for the child.  Let us use that a starting point as we enter into a school year where many things will have changed since March.  Despite all of these changes, we the faithful carry within us a foundational truth of God’s love for us, which allows us to handle such adversity with miraculous grace.  There is no greater example of God’s love for us than the cross.  So for this 2020-2021 academic year, let us courageously face these changes before us, and consider the word of St. Bruno: “While the world changes, the cross stands firm.”

I pray that God will bless you always,
Mr. Michael J. Pryor