Science Lab

St. Timothy Catholic School uses the LabLearner hands on science education system for its science program.  Concepts and content are introduced in the classroom during the PreLab session.  The science lab is the heart of the LabLearner program.  In the science lab, students learn concepts by doing- using modern science equipment and supplies similar to the materials students will use in high school and college.  The labs are age appropriate and the content spirals through the grades, building on prior knowledge, while expanding new connections.
Students love coming to lab and participating in hands-on experiments!  They work in groups of two or three so that all the students have the opportunity to directly participate in data collection.  Analysis of what happened and why continues in the classroom as part of the PostLab session. Performance assessments at the end of various units allow students to develop their own solutions to problems based on what they have learned in prior labs.