Third Grade School Supplies

Third Grade School Supply List

As part of an ongoing program to develop personal responsibility, boys and girls in the third grade are responsible for the care and maintenance of their pencil cases. Please help your child acquire the items listed below. It will be a daily responsibility of each child, as part of their homework, to come to class prepared with the items listed below. It is the student’s responsibility to replenish supplies as needed.

Bring with you on the first day of school the following supplies:   

    • Pencils (36 – mechanical or number 2) 
    • Red pens (2) 
    • Ruler (1 12” with inches and centimeters) 
    • Index cards (1 package 3” x 5” lined) 
    • Colored pencils (1package) 
    • Highlighters (2) 
    • Scissors (1) 
    • Glue stick (6)
    • Plastic folder (please label with first and last name)
    • Headphones (please place in Ziploc bag and label with first and last name)
    • Dry erase markers & dry erase eraser (please label with first and last name)
    • Pencil case, zipper NOT plastic box (please label with first and last name)

In addition, the students are requested to bring the following supplies:

    • Book bag (no wheels) 
    • Boys: 1 pack of Ziploc sandwich/quart sized bags
    • Boys: paper towels
    • Girls: 1 tissue box
    • Girls: 1 alcohol  based hand sanitizer
    • 2 Clorox wipe (optional) 
    • 1 ream of white printer paper (all) 

Your student will be provided with the following supplies during the school year: 

    • 4 Hardcover Composition Notebooks 
    • 3 Softcover Composition Notebooks 
    • 4 Pocket Folders 
    • Assignment Notebook
    • Scholastic News Subscription