Preschool Class Offerings and Fees

Tuition rates are program dependent, as stated above with a $150 non-refundable registration fee. Tuition may be paid in full by July 1st or in 10 monthly installments, July 1st through April 1st. Installment option requires registration with FACTS Tuition Management by June 1st (more info).

The Full Day Preschool Program begins at 8:00 and ends at 3:15. This allows for one drop off and pick up schedule for families with siblings in our kindergarten through eighth grade program. Students bring a lunch from home and have a rest time. This full day program affords students the opportunity to extend learning through reinforcement of concepts throughout the afternoon.

2015-16 Registration is now open and will continue until all classes are full. For information on how to apply, visit our preschool registration page. The priority for consideration for acceptance to St. Timothy School is as follows:

  1. Children presently attending the school
  2. Siblings of children presently attending the school
  3. Registered members of St. Timothy Parish regularly using contribution envelopes
  4. Families moving into and registering in St. Timothy Parish
  5. Families registered in parishes without a Catholic School
  6. Non-Catholic families, if space available.

2015-16 Preschool Class Offerings

AM classes are 8:00 – 11:00
PM classes are 12:15 – 3:15
Full Day classes are 8:00- 3:15

3 year old program options – $150/STUDENT REGISTRATION FEE
2 mornings/week Tues/Thurs AM $1,745
2 afternoons/week Tues/Thurs PM $1,745
4 year old program options – $150/STUDENT REGISTRATION FEE
3 half days/week Mon/Wed/Fri AM or Mon/Wed/Fri PM $2,585
5 half days/week Mon-Fri AM $4,055
5 full days/week Mon-Fri full day $6,920